English Activities

White Horse Theatre, years 5 to 12

Ms. Gottschalk

The White Horse Company visits each year, offering plays for different learner stages and ages. They perform live for us – in English only.


Trip to England (Hastings), years 6 & 7

Dr. Walter

After preparational meetings in year 6, a group of fifty kids stays with host families in Hastings at the beginning of year 7. There is a trip to London and other attractive sightseeing, but the main focus of this one-week-programme lies on getting to know native speakers and enhancing the students? ability to speak English.


Regional Reading Contest, year 8

Ms. Hartung

After a first round at Vikilu, the winners of our Reading Contest travel to one of the partaking schools in the region to go for the regional competition. The texts are read aloud before an audience. The judges are all "experts", e.g. native speakers, teachers, former pupils now studying English or bookstore employees working in the English section. There are nice prizes each year, donated by local shops.


Exchange USA (Grand Rapids, Michigan), year 9 to 11

Ms. Fitschen 

Every other year, a group from Rockford High visits Hamelin in summer and we return the visit in fall. Before the actual exchange, there is a year of preparations in which we learn about country, culture and people. The programme can be joined in year 9 and 10 and the exchange will take place in 10 and 11 respectively. If you want to know more, ask us or read "Austausch" on this website!


Going Abroad, year 8 for year 10

Ms. Gottschalk

There are numerous programmes and scholarships for going to English-speaking countries. In a yearly presentation for parents and pupils in year 8, we want to help making choices and understanding regulations early enough to make plans and apply for a stay during year 10. Our presentation is downloadable under Opens internal link in current windowwww.vikilu.de.


Bundeswettbewerb für Fremdsprachen

All teachers and years 

Pupils who like challenges and who like to test their language capability can take part in this competition individually or in a group. The tasks are about creative writing, making their own film or theatre play or solving challenging tasks concerning reading, listening, writing and mediation. A few years ago one of our classes won the regional group competition and ranked third nationwide!

For further information see



Preparation for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, year 11

Mr. Schulz

Pupils who are in Year 11 will be prepared for passing the exam of the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) which will be taken at the VHS Hannover. This certificate is required if students want to attend a university abroad or if they decide to study English. Many German employees already ask for this certificate. The certificate covers level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The following basic skills will be dealt with throughout the course as well as in the exam: listening, reading, writing, speaking and use of English.

Therefore the Vikilu has also become official preparation centre: Opens external link in new windowwww.cambridgeesol.de/schulen.php


Fuer die Fachgruppe Englisch: H. Schulz